FAKRO today

FAKRO is a privately owned, family company created in 1991. Today it is one of the largest and fastest developing skylight, roof window, and attic ladder manufacturers in the world. 

Our goal at Fakro is to supply the highest quality products connected with loft architectures that will satisfy our customers’ requirements all over the world. Fakro also holds the health and safety of our customers in highest regard and is committed to protecting the environment as a responsible


FAKRO Group nowadays




  • is the leader in many countries and number two worldwide in the roof window market
  • one of the leading companies in the world with approximately 15% share of the
    global market,
  • has over 3000 employees
  • with over 100 thousand m2 of production area (12 manufacturing companies all over the world),
  • has 12 FAKRO distribution companies (USA, England, France, Spain, German, Austria, Holland,
    Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, China),
  • has over 30 thousand m2 of storage area
  • has an extended distribution network in all countries where there is a demand for roof windows
  • has got modern research and development centre (over 30 constructors)
  • is an author of many patented and several patent pending solutions.

FAKRO manufactures a wide range of products for comfortable living in loft environments and attic spaces including:

A wide variety of roof windows of different design and functionality:
Roof windows accessories:

 FAKRO is also a world leading designer and manufacturer of loft ladders, offering an expansive range of products for all imaginable applications.